About our Click Don't Call™ Multi solution

If your organisation has a range of products which sell on a regular basis and are updated with newer models from time to time, our Multi product is for you. Your own Customer Service agents and your online customers can benefit from a suite of product simulators which easily demonstrate the benefits of each product and how it works.

As part of the TMTI Group, we have been developing and designing product simulators for nearly 10 years. Click Don't Call™ is a database driven solution that allows our technical team to enter documentation for a product into the software, and the software creates an interactive simulator. This allows us to quickly build a cost effective customer support solution across an entire product range.

Is Multi the right solution for me?

If you require product simulators for 5+ products then Click Don't Call™ Multi is for you. Our designers will create a 'skin' that fits your companies branding so all the simulators will have a consistent look, and if you require just one thing updating, we just need to change the 'skin' and all your simulators will be updated.

How much will it cost?

Click Don't Call™ Multi is the most cost effective way to get quickly developed support simulators across your product range. We quote for each project on an individual basis so please get in touch and we would be happy to discuss pricing.


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