What is Click Don't Call™ for Apps?

Click Don't Call

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Our teams of expert developers have succesfully created unique software that creates App compatible interactive simulators. This ia a database driven solution that allows our technical team to enter documentation for a product into the software, and the software creates an interactive simulator which can be launched straight onto the Apple and Andriod stores.

With Click Don't Call™ your brand can have 24 hour customer service cover at amazingly low cost. By loading the Click Don't Call™ App to the worldwide App stores such as Apple or Android markets, and making the Software free to download your customers can see in a highly visual form how your products work.

Once the App is launched by the brand the app can be promoted right through the channel so that it can be used pre and post -sale.

Is Click Don't Call™ for Apps the right solution for me?

If you want your customers to have easy access to great customer support simulators, where a system of delivery is already set up and everyone is familiar with, then you can't go wrong with a support App for you products. In fact, can you afford not to.

How much will it cost?

Please get in touch to discuss your project and we would be happy to quote for you.


Click Don't Call Apps


Click Don't Call Apps

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Click Don't Call Apps

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