About our Click Don't Call™ Bespoke solution

The Click Don't Call™ Bespoke service can simulate any product! If you have a specific design application we can combine film, animation and graphic design to give your customers a truly detailed graphic explanation of what you do and how you do it.

Is Bespoke the right solution for me?

If you require an interactive simulator which really shows off your product, as well as supports it then our Bespoke solution is for you. We can utilise the wide range of expertise we have available within the TMTI Group and, following a consulatation with you, select the best method in which to build your simulator. We have experts in Flash, html 5, video, 3D, animation and talented designers at our disposal.

How much will it cost?

As this is our bespoke service, each project is quoted on a individual basis. Please get in touch to discuss your project and we would be happy to quote for you.


Click Don't Call Bespoke

HP Pre 2

Click Don't Call Bespoke

Kodak Printer

Click Don't Call Bespoke

Bose Wave Music System